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Italy - Tenute Neirano Barbera d/Asti Superiore Tirteo 2019

Tasting a lot of Italian wines this week for WSET D3. I felt very bad and excited about this wine at the same time. this wine shows great potential and could be even better with a little more aging. There are several primary flavors and some hints of tertiary as well as secondary flavors which are just beginning to form. While they are not a strong intensity at this point, aging a little longer may bring out more of those intense flavors. there are enough tannins that are already fine-grained to help add to the complexity as well as the body of the wine. The finish is not quite as long as one would hope and again would probably be better with a little more aging. This wine seems to be caught in between youthful with primary fruit forward flavors and turning into an aged wonder. Would love to try this particular one again in a year or two.

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