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Burgundy Beauty

Tonight, I tasted 3 different wines for Burgundy for my WSET D3 diploma class. Chandon de Briailles Savigny-les-Beaune Les Lavieres Premier Cru 2018 was one of them on my list. I rated this wine in WSET standards: outstanding - this wine is an intense, complex wine with many flavors/aromas from several categories across all three characteristic styles (primary, secondary, and tertiary). You still can get a hint of the primary flavors that are turning into tertiary flavors in a cooked jammy type of style. As well as oak notes such as smoke, cigar and chocolate. This bottle has already been aged. There are also other aging factors such as mushroom and leather characteristics that make this wine show very different facets. The tannins are smooth and easily linger in the mouth. The finish is long and lasts quite awhile. The wine is in balance once again with tannins and acidity working well together with the primary, secondary and even tertiary characteristics. This is a winner in my books!

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